Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang

Vinpearl Land is large tourist entertainment complex located on an island off Tran Phu Beach in Nha Trang city centre. Vinpearl Land is designed to appeal to families and in previous years it has attracted an average of around 10,000 visitors a day, more on Vietnamese public holiday.

  • Opening hours:
    • Cable car: 08:30 to 21:00
    • Attractions: Different opening and closing times by attraction mostly 09:00 to 19:00
  • Entrance fee: Vinpearl Land Amusement Park & return cable car journey
    • Adults: 880,000 VND
    • Children: 700,000 VND

About Vinpearl Land

Vinpearl Land is popular with Vietnamese tourists and families from Europe. It’s a good fit for Nha Trang which thrives on mass tourism. The fact that its located on an island rather than on the mainland, however, means that visitors to whom this type of facility does appeal can avoid it entirely in a favour of the other more cultural attractions of the city, such as Po Nagar Temple.

Travel to Vinpearl Land

If you do want to visit Vinpearl Land, perhaps because your children want to visit Vinpearl Land, then you have two ways of getting there: by cable car or by speed boat.

The cable car to Vinpearl Land is an attraction its own right. The journey takes 10 minutes to travel just over 3 km at heights of 100 metres above sea level. For some visitors the cable car ride is the best part of visiting Vinpearl Land.

Alternatively, you can travel by speed boat which takes around 7 minutes and costs a relatively expensive 350,000 VND per person each way.

Vinpearl Land in Nha Trang
Vinpearl Land in Nha Trang
Amusement Park Complex with Hotels, Restaurants and Theatres

Vinpearl Land is massive complex with an amusement park, hotels, restaurants, theatres and other attractions spread across a area of 200,000 sqm on the east side of Hon Tre island. There are a long list of things to do on offer and seeing everything will take more than one day.

Multi-day visits are facilitated by the 489 hotel rooms available on the island, and multiple restaurants. The hotels vary in price, but all are significantly more expensive than comparable hotels in Nha Trang itself and the same goes for the food and drink.

Visitors are not permitted to bring their own food (except baby food) and no more than one 500 ml bottle of water person. If you plan to take your children to stay there overnight bring plenty of money with you, or a credit card, because its going to be expensive by Vietnamese standards, although not so much in relation to a visit to a European or North American amusement park.

Theme park at Vinpearl Land
Theme park at Vinpearl Land
Things to Do at Vinpearl Land

There are lot of different parts to Vinpearl Land, some inside the amusement park and other nearby for which separate fees are payable:

  • Amusement Park:
    • Water park: Covering an area of 50,000 sqm this is the largest part of park and features pools, slides and inflatable obstacle courses amongst other attractions.
    • Outdoor rides: The rides include a giant Ferris wheel, some roller coasters and an alpine style coaster which is very popular.
    • Bloomin Hill: Indoor and outdoor botanical gardens which are very well done.
    • Aquarium: A glass tunnel that runs under different fish tanks. It’s large, and features shows including feeding the aquatic features and girls swimming around in mermaid costumes.
    • Indoor amusement park: Games arcades.
    • Outdoor theatre: Seating capacity for 5,000 people and performances involving light, water, music and pyrotechnics.
    • Move castle: 4D reality effect cinema.
    • Shopping zone: A long street with fairy tale European style architecture.
  • Other:
    • Vinpearl Golf Club: 18 hole international standard golf course.
    • Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang: Luxury villas and hotel accommodation.
    • Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang: Largest hotel in Vinpearl Land.

Location of Vinpearl Land

Vinpearl Land is located on Hon Tre Island, near Nha Trang.

Google Map of Vinpearl Land

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