Travel from Tan An to Ho Chi Minh City

By public bus it takes 2 hours to travel 59.8 km from Tan An to Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. The point of arrival in Ho Chi Minh City near Thanh Da Park will, however, be slightly inconvenient for many visitors as it is located over 7 km to the north of the popular Ngu Lao Road.

Bus Times from Tan An to Ho Chi Minh City

There is a single daily bus service from Tan An to Ho Chi Minh City which you can book online.

Tan AnHo Chi Minh CityCostCompany
19:3021:30$ 6.94Hoang Long
  • Passengers on this route travel by standard AC bus with on board toilet.

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Tan An Bus Stop

  • Bus services from Tan An to Ho Chi Minh City depart from Long An Bus Station National Highway 1A.

Google Map of the Long An Bus Station National Highway 1A

Ho Chi Minh City Bus Stop

  • Bus services from Tan An to Ho Chi Minh City terminate at the Hoang Long Bus Depot.

Google Map of the Hoang Long Bus Depot

About Saigon Opera House

Saigon Opera House is located in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City near to Saigon Central Post Office and Ho Chi Minh City Hall.

History of Saigon Opera House

The opera house was completed in 1898 by the French Colonial Government and in terms of design it bear similarities to the Petit Palais in Paris. Saigon Opera House was designed by a French architect and the furnishings and decorative parts of the building were manufactured in France and shipped to Saigon.

Early Performances at Saigon Opera House

The first people to perform there in 1900 were also French as were most of the audience. The first performance organised by Vietnamese performers took place in 1918 who performed a local genre known as Cai Luong, or Vietnamese Opera. By this time the number of European Opera performances had declined on account of the war in Europe, and the opera house’s popularity carried on to decline through to the start of World War II.

Saigon Opera House
Saigon Opera House
Performances Started Again After Reunification

Saigon Opera House was damaged by Allied bombing raids in 1944 and closed entirely until 1955 when the opera house was brought back into use as the parliament building for the Government of South Vietnam. Performances at the opera house only restarted after 1975 when the Communist forces of Ho Chi Minh took control of Saigon, renaming the opera house as ‘Ho Chi Minh Municipal Theatre’.

The Communist Government carried out a major restoration project on the opera house between 1996 and 1998 which was very successful and the building now closely resembles how it would have looked when it was originally built in 1898. Since 2012 the opera house has been giving performances under the direction of the Lune Production company whose shows are part cultural products and past circus theatre. Attending a show is the best way to properly appreciate Saigon Opera House.

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