Travel from Rach Gia to Can Tho

By bus the journey from Rach Gia to Can Tho is scheduled to take 2 hours 30 minutes. Rach Gia Port is the main arrival point for ferry services from Phu Quoc.

Bus Times from Rach Gia to Can Tho

There are currently 16 bus services a day from Rach Gia to Can Tho available to book online.

Rach GiaCan ThoCostCompany
04:0006:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
05:0007:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
06:0008:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
07:0009:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
08:0010:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
09:0011:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
10:0012:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
11:0013:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
12:0014:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
13:0015:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
14:0016:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
15:0017:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
16:0018:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
17:0019:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
18:0020:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
19:0021:30$ 6Vu Linh Limousine
  • Vu Linh Limousine passengers on the Rach Gia to Can Tho route travel in a luxurious 9 seat minivan.

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Rach Gia Vu Linh Limousine Bus Stop

Vu Linh Limousine bus services from Rach Gia to Can Tho depart from Rach Soi Bus Station, 168 Mai Thị Hồng Hạnh, Vĩnh Hoà Hiệp, Châu Thành, Kiên Giang, Vietnam.

Google Map of Rach Soi Bus Station

Can Tho Vu Linh Limousine Bus Stop

Vu Linh Limousine bus services from Rach Gia to Can Tho terminate at the Vu Linh Limousine office in Can Tho.

Google Map of Vu Linh Limousine Can Tho bus stop

About Travel to Can Tho

Can Tho is a large and unique city located in the Mekong Delta to the South East of Ho Chi Minh City. What makes Can Tho so unique is that life in the city is very much centred around the many waterways in the city, particular the Hau River which is a major branch of the Mekong River.

Floating Markets in Can Tho

Boat trips on the river, or smaller waterways in Can Tho, are the city’s main tourist attrtaction. In particular, there are 4 major floating markets in Can Tho which many visitors take trips to see: Cái Răng, Phong Dien, Phung Hiep and Tra On. Cái Răng is the most easily accessible of these markets because it is located in the city centre. Phung Hiep floating market, however, takes 2 to 3 hours to reach by boat and typically features on the itinerary of day long tours commencing from Can Tho. You can also travel by road to Phung Hiep floating market and view the market from a bridge or the river bank.

Can Tho is famous for its floating markets
Can Tho is famous for its floating markets
Arranging Boat Tours in Can Tho

The cost of boat tours in Can Tho varies dramatically according to who you book with, what type of boat you travel in, and what route you take. Shopping around and asking for a detailed itinerary (as well as a sun shade) is a good strategy for getting a value for money boat tour in Can Tho.

The cheapest way to see a floating market in Can Tho is to take a shared tour boat to Cái Răng floating market from the pier at Chợ An Bình, which is a small land based riverside market. For private tours you can go direct to the boat operators which congregate riverside at Ninh Kieu port and avoid paying the fees which agents will add on to whatever the boat operator will charge.

Other Activities in Can Tho

The historic centre of Can Tho becomes very lively in the evening. Xuan Khanh Student Quarter features lots of small restaurants and bars, which are busy with younger patrons. Hai Bà Trưng street, which is located riverside, is also very popular with visitors. This area has lots of hotels, bars and restaurants and is one of the main areas where people in Can Tho go out in the evening.

In the day time it’s worth exploring Mau Than Street, which is the main street in Can Tho. Mau Than Street has the city’s largest Buddhist temple, Quang Duc Pagoda, as well as Tham Tướng Church, which is a Catholic church built during the time South Vietnam was under French control.

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