Ferry from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien

By ferry the journey from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien, on the mainland, is scheduled to take around 1 hour 15 minutes.

Ferry Times from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien

There are currently 3 ferry services a day from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien available to book online.

Phu QuocHa TienEconomy ClassTourist ClassCompany
07:2508:40$ 12$ 17Phu Quoc Express
10:4011:55$ 12$ 17Phu Quoc Express
14:3015:45$ 12$ 17Phu Quoc Express
  • The main difference between ‘Tourist’ class and ‘Economy’ class is that seats in Tourist class are more comfortable and passengers have more leg room.

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Phu Quoc Ferry Pier

Ferry services from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien depart from Phu Quoc Bai Vong Port.

Google Map of Phu Quoc Bai Vong Port

Ha Tien Ferry Pier

Ferry services from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien terminate at Ha Tien Ferry Terminal.

Google Map of Ha Tien Ferry Terminal

About travel to Ha Tien

Ha Tien is medium sized town which most travellers only pass through on the way to or from Phu Quoc, or coming from or going to Cambodia. A border crossing between Cambodia and Vietnam is located 6 km from Ha Tien. If you are travelling from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien then most likely your next destination will be Ho Chi Minh City. By bus the journey from Ha Tien to Ho Chi Minh City takes 8 to 15 hours depending upon which bus service you take, as some are lot faster than others.

Ha Tien Market
Ha Tien Market

If you have the time then it’s definitely worth spending a couple of nights in Ha Tien to look around the town and visit some of the local sights. Ha Tien is a thriving commercial centre with a coastal location that will be of interest to more adventurous travellers. Amongst the places to visit in and around Ha Tien are:

  • Mui Nai Beach: Located 8 km from Ha Tien, Mui Nai Beach is popular with Vietnamese families.
  • Thach Dong Temple: Located in a cave on hillside 3 km from Ha Tien, Thach Dong Temple is worth visiting for many reasons including the views of the coast line.
  • Tam Bao Pagoda: 18th Century temple.
  • Mac Family Tombs: Tombs located on a hillside above Ha Tien. The Mac family were local feudal lords in the 18th and 19th Centuries and they built impressive large tombs.
  • Hang Tien Cave: Large cave located 25 km from Ha Tien, accessible by boat from Ha Tien is around an hour.

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