Travel from Phong Nha to Hanoi

The easiest way to travel from Phong Nha to Hanoi is to take a direct bus service. The alternative to taking a bus is to travel 43 km to Dong Hoi to take a train to Hanoi. However, travelling by train via Dong Hoi will take around 5 hours longer than taking a direct bus.

Bus Times from Phong Nha to Hanoi

There are 7 bus services a day from Phong Nha to Hanoi available to book online.

Phong NhaHanoiCostCompany
20:3005:10$ 17Full Moon Party Tour
20:4005:20$ 17Full Moon Party Tour
20:5005:30$ 17Full Moon Party Tour
21:1506:55$ 16Grouptour
21:3009:30$ 15Grouptour
21:3007:10$ 16Techbus VN JSC
21:4509:45$ 15Grouptour
  • By bus the journey from Phong Nha to Hanoi is scheduled to take from 9 to 12 hours depending upon which bus service you take.

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Phong Nha Bus Stop

Grouptour services from Phong Nha to Hanoi depart from near to Phong Nha Central Hostel, Dt20 , Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Quảng Bình 47232, Vietnam.

Google Map of Phong Nha Central Hostel

Hanoi Bus Stop

Grouptour services from Phong Nha to Hanoi terminate at the Grouptour office at No. 16 Hang Chinh Street.

Google Map of No. 16 Hang Chinh Street

About Travel to Hanoi

Hanoi is Vietnam’s most visited destination, partly because it’s a transport hub for visitors to North Vietnam and partly because Hanoi has lots of interesting historical and cultural attractions making the city a tourist destination in its own right. Hanoi is smaller than Ho Chi Minh City and the most popular tourist attractions in the city are located within two districts of Hanoi which are within walking distance of each other, Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh Districts.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi
Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem District, popularly known as the ‘Old Quarter’, is the part of Hanoi where most foreign tourists choose to stay overnight. Hoan Kiem District has lots of hotels, bars and restaurants focused on catering to foreign tourists all tightly packed in series of narrow streets featuring old residential buildings. Hoan Kiem District also has three major tourist attractions:

The central point of the second part of Hanoi popular with tourists, Ba Dinh District, is Ba Dinh Square. Ba Dinh Square is the main public square in Hanoi and the location of the Vietnam Parliament Building. Around Ba Binh Square there also a number of important historical buildings that you can visit including:

To the south of Ba Dinh Square, heading back toward the Old Quarter, are two further historical sites worth visiting: the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long and the Temple of Literature. The Temple of Literature was the higher education facility of the Vietnamese Royal Family and government elites from 1076 to 1779. The buildings in the temple are grouped around five courtyards.

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