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Phan Thiet is the closest city to the string of beaches commonly known as Mui Ne. From Phan Thiet you can take a direct bus to Can Tho thereby avoiding the need to travel into Ho Chi Minh City to board a bus to Can Tho.

Bus Times from Phan Thiet to Can Tho

There is currently 1 bus service a day from Phan Thiet to Can Tho available to book online.

Phan ThietCan ThoServiceCostCompany
21:0005:00Express$ 20Lien Hung
  • Journey Time to Can Tho: By bus the journey time from Phan Thiet to Can Tho is scheduled to take 8 hours 00 minutes.

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Phan Thiet Bus Stop

Lien Hung bus services to Can Tho depart from near the Suoi Cat Roundabout at the west of Phan Thiet city centre.

Google Map of Suoi Cat Roundabout

Can Tho Bus Stop

Lien Hung bus services from Phan Thiet City terminate at the Bến Xe Trung Tâm Thành phố Cần Thơ, Đường dẫn cầu Cần Thơ, QL1A, Hưng Thành, Cái Răng, Cần Thơ, Vietnam.

Google Map of Suoi Cat Roundabout

River Markets in Can Tho

Can Tho is located in the Mekong Delta region of Southern Vietnam, on the banks of the Hau River, which a major branch of the Mekong River. As well as the Hau River, the city of Can Tho has many smaller rivers and canals.

Waterways in Can Tho

Can Tho’s many waterways are a defining characteristic of city life. People travel on these rivers and canals, they live by them, drink from them and they also have a long tradition of trading from boats in the water.

Tradition of Floating Markets

There are numerous floating markets in and around Can Tho, some large and others very small. Floating markets are slowly dying out as people increasingly rely on land based shops and transportation but they are still busy enough to offer a colourful and unique experience to the many tourists who take to the water in a variety of boats to tour the floating markets.

Vegetable trader in Can Tho
Vegetable trader in Can Tho

There are 4 main floating markets within a hour (by tour boat) of Can Tho city centre: Cái Răng, Phong Dien, Phung Hiep and Tra On.

Cái Răng Floating Market

Of these the largest and most visited of the floating markets is Cái Răng, which is also the closest Can Tho. To see any of the floating markets you need to take a boat and there are lots of tour boats operators wanting to take tourists – it’s one of the most lucrative business opportunities available to most residents of the city.

Arranging a Boat Tour

The high level of competition to take tourists on floating market tours has not, however, pushed down tour prices. Getting a good deal on a floating canal tour in Can Tho is notoriously difficult. The most expensive way to book a trip is to buy it from your hotel or a tour operator who, whilst organising your trip and taking the hassle out of the process, will add a sizeable sales commission to the price charged by the actual people running the boat and acting as guides.

Ninh Kieu Port

For the best deals head down to Ninh Kieu Port, which is known as the ‘tourist port’. You can arrange your trip directly with the boat operators at Ninh Kieu port, although you need to spend some time checking out different operators to see what they are offering in terms of their tour itineraries and the type of boat they use.

Prices of Boat Tours in Can Tho

The prices and types of services can vary dramatically depending upon which tour boat operator you ask. As a rough guide expect to pay around 50,000 VND per person for a seat on a 1 hour group tour around Cái Răng Market and along some of the many canals. For a 4 hour trip expect to pay in the region of 500,000 VND to hire a whole boat.

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