Travel from Nha Trang City to Nha Trang Airport

Nha Trang Airport, also known as Cam Ranh International Airport, is located 36 km by road to south of Nha Trang City. Cam Ranh International Airport was originally built as a military airport by the United States during the Vietnam War and was re-purposed as a passenger airport in 2002 which explains why the airport is so far the nearest city, Nha Trang.

Bus from Nha Trang Town to Nha Trang Airport
Bus from Nha Trang Town to Nha Trang Airport

Unless you have your own vehicle there are two options for travelling direct from Nha Trang City to Nha Trang Airport: bus or taxi. The nearest train station to Cam Ranh International Airport is Soui Cat Railway Station which is 19.8 km by road to the east. There is therefore little to gain from trying to use a train to get to reach the aiport.

Travel to Nha Trang Airport

It’s a relatively expensive journey by taxi from Nha Trang City to Cam Ranh Airport. Taxi drivers will generally negotiate a fixed fare with foreign visitors of 380,000 VND (around $16.5 USD) to travel to the airport from the city centre. Be wary of travelling on the meter from Nha Trang City to the airport as you are likely to be end up paying nearer 500,000 VND.

Bus station in Nha Trang for services to the airport
Bus station in Nha Trang for services to the airport

A cheaper way of travelling to Nha Trang Airport, particular if you are on your own or travelling with one other person, is to take a Dot Moi bus service from the Dot Moi Bus Station on the Yersin Road in the centre of Nha Trang Town. You want to take bus #18, which is comfortable modern air-conditioned service. The bus is easily identifiable as it is has ‘Airport Bus’ written in large letters on the front of the bus. The fare is 50,000 VND (about $2 USD) per person and the journey to the airport takes 50 to 60 minutes depending upon the traffic. Dot Mai bus services from Nha Trang City to Nha Trang Airport run from 05:00 then approximately every hour until the last bus at 21:55. To be on the safe side plan to give yourself about 2 hours from the time you arrive at the bus station to the time you want to check in at the airport to allow for journey time and waiting time for the next bus service to depart.

Location of the Airport Bus Station

The Airport Bus Station in Nha Trang is located at 10, Yersin Road.

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