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Mai Chau, along with Sapa and Ha Giang, is one of Northern Vietnam’s famous scenic areas, however, unlike the other major beauty spots it takes only 3 to 4 hours to travel there by bus from Hanoi.

Bus Times from Hanoi to Mai Chau

There are currently 13 services a day from Hanoi to Mai Chau available to book online.

HanoiMai ChauServiceTicketCompany
06:3009:50VIP-Class$ 11Huong Kien Limousine
07:2010:20Express$ 5Chinh Minh
10:1013:30VIP-Class$ 11Huong Kien Limousine
10:3014:45VIP 9 Express$ 17Grouptour
11:0014:00Express 24$ 4Thu Bang
12:3016:45VIP 9 Express$ 17Grouptour
12:3015:50VIP-Class$ 11Huong Kien Limousine
13:3016:30Express 24$ 4Thu Bang
14:3018:45VIP 9 Express$ 17Grouptour
14:3017:30Express 24$ 4Thu Bang
15:1018:30VIP-Class$ 11Huong Kien Limousine
16:3020:45VIP 9 Express$ 17Grouptour
18:3022:45VIP 9 Express$ 17Grouptour

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Hanoi Bus Stop

Grouptour services to from Hanoi to Mai Chau depart from 16 Hàng Chĩnh, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam.

Google Map of the Hanoi Grouptour Bus Stop

Mai Chau Bus Stop

Grouptour services from Hanoi to Mai Chau terminate at a bus stop near the Mai Chau Valley View Hotel, Mai Chau Town, QL15, TT. Mai Châu, Mai Châu, Hòa Bình, Vietnam.

Google Map of the Mai Chau Grouptour Bus Stop

About Mai Chau

Mai Chau town is located in the bottom of a flat fertile valley with steep sided hills on each side. The big attraction of coming to Mai Chau is view of the green fields of the valley bottom contrasting with the steep inclines on either side. The best time to visit is from the middle of February to the end of May when the fields are green and the temperature is moderate.

View over Mai Chau
View over Mai Chau

Mai Chau town itself has a small range of facilities and a number of guesthouses and hotels. If you want to use the internet or change money or you plan to stay for only a very short time then Mai Chau town is where you need to stay.

However, the town lacks the charm of the surrounding villages which are predominantly inhabited by two minority ethnic groups, known as the ‘White Tai and ‘Black Tai’, who mostly live simple lives in basic bamboo houses making a living from small scale farming and more lately tourism. For relatively small amounts of money you can stay in rooms within their houses which are spartan but generally relatively comfortable. The rural location of these villages, and the chance to eat home cooked food and interact with the local people, is the big selling point of these ‘home stays’. If you are staying for a few days there are various treks you can do and there are caves you can explore, the most interesting of which is Chieu Cave which is reached by descending around 1,200 steps.

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