Travel from Hanoi to Lang Son

By minivan the journey from Hanoi to the Friendship Pass in Lang Son is scheduled to take 3 hours 30 minutes, and from there you can travel on into China.

Travel Times from Hanoi to Lang Son

There are 9 services a day from Hanoi to the Friendship Pass in Lang Son available to book online.

HanoiLang SonCostCompany
06:3010:00$ 12Grouptour
07:3011:00$ 12Grouptour
08:3012:00$ 12Grouptour
09:3013:00$ 12Grouptour
10:3014:00$ 12Grouptour
12:3016:00$ 12Grouptour
14:3018:00$ 12Grouptour
16:3020:00$ 12Grouptour
18:3022:00$ 12Grouptour

  • This service is by luxury minivan. The seats are larger with more leg room, and the windows are bigger, than a standard minivan in South East Asia.

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Hanoi SSB Bus Stop

SSB services from Hanoi to Lang Son depart from 16 Hang Chinh in the Old Quarter of Hanoi.

Google Map of Hanoi SSB Bus Stop

Lang Son SSB Bus Stop

SSB services from Hanoi to Lang Son terminate at the Friendship Pass.

Google Map of the Friendship Pass

About Long Son

Long Son is a sparsely populated province in the far north of Vietnam bordering Guangxi province in China. This strategically important border zone has been the site for a number of conflicts over the last century principally between the French colonial forces and the Chinese, and thereafter between French colonial forces and Vietnamese nationalists. There are a number of colonial era military installations and battlegrounds which you can visit in the area.

Bac Son Valley in Lang Son Province
Bac Son Valley in Lang Son Province

Modern day Long Son is a peaceful area where most inhabitants make a living from agricultural, with the beginnings of a tourist industry. Most foreign visitors who pass through the area do so on route to China through the Friendship Pass. Traveller on this route have the choice of either travelling by road or taking the train through Bong Dang on the train line to Nanning in China, and thereafter carrying on up to Beijing. For travellers with a few days to tour the region amongst the most popular places to visit are:

  • Markets of Lang Son town: The main market is Đông Kinh Market which is an indoor market, also of interest are Ky Lua Night market and Tan Thanh Market.
  • Tam Thanh Cave: Cave near the city centre with weirdly shaped stalactites and stalagmites, as well as a pagoda.
  • Ải Chi Lăng: Narrow pass where invading Chinese forces have been stopped numerous times. Located 42 km south of Lang Son town.
  • Thanh Nha Mac: Historic hill top fort located just to the west of Lang Son town centre.
  • Bac Son valley: Area with mountains above picturesque rice fields located 90 km by road to the west of Lang Son town.

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