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By bus the journey from Da Nang to Dak Lak is scheduled to take 12 hours 10 minutes. Travellers on this route also have the option of flying direct from Da Nang to Buon Ma Thuot in Dak Lak.

Bus Times from Dak Lak to Da Nang

There is currently 1 direct bus service a day from Da Nang to Dak Lak available to book online.

Da NangDak LakCostCompany
18:0006:10$ 14 USDCao Nguyen

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Da Nang Cao Nguyen Bus Stop

Cao Nguyen bus services from Da Nang to Dak Lak depart from Da Nang Central Bus Station.

Google Map of Da Nang Central Bus Station

Dak Lak Cao Nguyen Bus Stop

Cao Nguyen bus services from Da Nang to Dak Lak terminate at Bến xe liên tỉnh Đăk Lăk in Buon Ma Thuot.

Google Map of Dak Lak Bus Station

About Travel to Dak Lak

Dak Lak is a province in Southern Vietnam which borders Cambodia. Dak Lak is located on a plateau averaging 600 metres above sea level. The climate is slightly cooler than lowland Vietnam, and this in combination with the fertile soil makes Dak Lak the principal coffee growing area in Vietnam. Dak Lak is a remote province and one which has been for long time mostly inhabited by people from the region’s hill tribes, particularly the Hmong.

The province was developed for coffee growing by the French colonial government, and the province’s main town, Buon Ma Thuot, has wide boulevards reminiscent of a French city, and of course lots of coffee shops. Buon Ma Thout does have facilities for foreign visitors but it is not as yet a major tourist destination and that has a positive effect on keeping prices low and the general atmosphere for foreign visitors more relaxed.

The waterfalls in Dak Lak are a major tourist attraction
The waterfalls in Dak Lak are a major tourist attraction

The major tourist attractions in Dak Lak are it twin waterfalls, Dray Nur and Dray Sap, located around 30 km from Buon Ma Thuot. Also popular is the large Lak Lake, 52 km by road from Buon Ma Thuot. Many visitors choose to stay overnight at the edge of the lake at one of the luxury tent camps. The third major attraction in Dak Lak is Yok Don National Park. The massive Yok Don National Park is the second largest national park in Vietnam and is best known for it’s wild elephants and sightseeing trips along the Srepok River.

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