Travel from Cat Ba Island to Ha Giang

By bus it takes from 9 to 13 hours to travel from Cat Ba Island to Ha Giang if you take one of the direct services. The journey can take a lot longer if you need to change services in Hanoi.

Bus Times from Cat Ba Island to Ha Giang

There are currently 9 services a day from Cat Ba Island to Ha Giang available to book online.

Cat BaHa GiangCostCompany
07:3019:20$ 28Full Moon Party Tour
08:3021:50$ 30Good Morning Cat Ba
12:3001:50$ 30Good Morning Cat Ba
15:0001:00$ 28Grouptour
15:1500:25$ 29Techbus VN JSC
15:2001:20$ 28Grouptour
15:3000:40$ 29Techbus VN JSC
15:3004:50$ 30Good Morning Cat Ba
15:4003:30$ 28Full Moon Party Tour
  • Vehicle Type: Good Morning Cat Ba passengers from Cat Ba to Ha Giang travel in a 33 seat bus with a toilet.

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Cat Ba Island Bus Stop

Good Morning Cat Ba services from Cat Ba Island to Ha Giang depart from 204, 1/4 street, Cat Ba town.

Google Map of Cat Good Morning Cat Ba Bus Stop

Ha Giang Bus Stop

Good Morning Cat Ba services from Cat Ba Island to Ha Giang terminate at 55 Minh Khai, P. Minh Khai, Hà Giang, Vietnam.

Google Map of Ha Giang Good Morning Cat Ba Bus Stop

About Ha Giang

Ha Giang city, with a population of just over 70,000 permanent residents, is the administrative capital of Ha Giang Province. Ha Giang Province is a sparsely populated area in the Northern most part of Vietnam on the border with China. The area is very mountainous. Whilst extremely beautiful, the geography does not lend itself to large scale agriculture or industry. The major roads are concrete, but the steep terrain means they are steep with lots of bends making travel slow in this area.

A large proportion of the province’s population are from minority ethnic groups. often described as ‘hill tribes’, who eke out a meagre living in the steep sided valleys of the province. For the intrepid tourist, Ha Giang offers fantastic opportunities to see small villages inhabited by colourfully dressed local residents with intriguing customs, such as the monthly Khau Vai Love Market where people from different hill tribes gather to meet prospective partners, and reach awe inspiring viewpoints over long steep valleys. To enjoy a visit to the full you do, however, need to rent a motorbike and be proficient in riding challenging mountain roads.

Road to Ha Giang
Road to Ha Giang

Ha Giang city itself has a small number of attractions worth visiting, such as its market, and plenty of places to stay and to eat. The major draw of the area, however, is to travel what is known as the ‘Ha Giang Loop’ on a motorbike. An inexpensive permit needs to be obtained before you set out on this route.

The loop takes at least three days to complete with guesthouses to stay in on route. The route takes travellers past major attractions in the province such as the stunning  Ma Pi Leng Pass, rice terraces, hill tribe villages and even a palace built for the King of the local H’Mong people in 1902.

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