Mountain views in Sapa
Travel from Ha Giang

Travel from Ha Giang to Sapa

By bus the journey from Ha Giang to Sapa takes around 6 hours. The distance travelled is only 236 km but the journey is slow because of the number of bends in the road which [Read more…]

Sapa Bus Station
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Sapa Bus Station

Sapa Bus Station, located to the east of Sapa town centre, is main long distance bus station in Sapa. Sapa Bus Station is the start and finish point for regular public bus services to and [Read more…]

Mountains of Ha Giang
Travel from Sapa

Travel from Sapa to Ha Giang

By bus it takes 7 hours 30 minutes to travel 239 km from Sapa to Ha Giang. There is no rail connection between Sapa and Ha Giang and neither location has an airport so your [Read more…]

Ha Giang province is famous for its mountains and valleys
Travel from Ha Giang

Travel from Ha Giang to Hanoi

Ha Giang is not connected to Vietnam’s railway network and it has no airport, so the only way to travel to Hanoi by road. The distance by road is 309 km and the journey by [Read more…]