Sunworld Fansipan Legend, Sapa

Sunworld Fansipan Legend is the name for a series of services and attractions that have been installed on Fansipan Mountain near Sapa, which is the tallest mountain in South East Asia.

About Sunworld Fansipan Legend

Before Sunworld Fansipan Legend became operational in 2015 the only way to ascend Fansipan Mountain was by walking. The walk to the top and back to the road takes a single long day for very fit walkers and 2 days for moderately fit visitors. The accommodation and other facilities on the way are very basic and part of the route involves climbing ladders and using fixed safety ropes to ascend some very steep parts of the path to the top.

After 2015 this all changed, for better or worse, when the world’s longest three cable car was installed to take visitors from Sapa town to near the top of the mountain in about 20 minutes. The cable car route covers a distance of 6.3 km and ascends 1,410 metres. Return tickets on the cable car to the top of the mountain cost 750,000 VND for adults and 550,000 VND for children. The cable station is about 100 metres under the summit and can either walk up to the top or take the funicular railway, which costs 70,000 VND for the trip up and 80,000 VND for the trip down.

Sunworld Fansipan Legend in Sapa
Sunworld Fansipan Legend in Sapa

Sunworld Fansipan Legend is, however, more than just the cable car service. They also operate a funicular railway service to a nearby valley with tremendous scenery for an affordable 100,000 VND per person. In addition at the upper cable car station Sunworld Fansipan Legend has installed 11 traditionally styled religious buildings, walkways, and statues:

  • Guanyin Statue: Statue of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.
  • Bao An Zen Monastery – Trinh Pagoda: Chinese style mountain monastery.
  • The Enlightenment Path of Thanh Van: Stairs and an ornamental gate.
  • Bich Van Zen Monastery: Another temple higher up the mountain in an enclosed building.
  • The Grand Belfry: 32.8 metre tall tower reminiscent of the towers on the Great Wall of China.
  • The Great Buddha Statue: 21.5 metre tall bronze statue of the Lord Buddha.
  • 9-storey Waterfall: Artificial hillside waterfall.
  • The Stupa: 11 storey Chinese style pagoda.
  • Alahat Path: 800 metre long path with statues on route.
  • Mountain God Shrine: Traditional style shrine to a mountain deity.
  • Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda: Third mountain temple.

Location of Sunworld Fansipan Legend

Sunworld Fansipan Legend is located at the top station of the cable car service which travels almost to the peak of Fansipan mountain near Sapa.

Google Map of Sunworld Fansipan Legend

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