Review of the Truc Hung Hotel, Nha Trang

The Truc Hung Hotel is a 15 bedroom 2 star establishment located to the north of Nha Trang city centre. We enjoyed a one night stay there in October 2018.

Good points about the Truc Hung Hotel

There are two major selling points for the Truc Hung Hotel. The first is that this hotel is great value for money. A twin bedroom (both were double beds) with a balcony cost only the equivalent of $12 USD. The Truc Hung Hotel is really cheap for what you get.

Front of the Truc Hung Hotel
Front of the Truc Hung Hotel

The second big selling point of this hotel was it proximity to Nha Trang Railway Station (1.1 km walking distance), Po Nagar Temple (3.0 km by road), and Cho Dam Market (500 metres). Nha Trang Beach is also a 500 metre walk away from the Truc Hung Hotel.

The town centre where the most popular beaches and restaurants are located about 2 km away, and you would to take a taxi or motorbike taxi if you planned to go for a night out in the city centre. Some people, however, prefer to avoid this area because of the large numbers of short term package holiday makers who stay in this area. The Truc Hung Hotel will appeal more to people who travelling around Vietnam by train to visit the major points of interests, rather people who come to Nha Trang to spend their days on the beach and evenings in the bar.

Rooms at the Truc Hung Hotel

The rooms at the Truc Hung Hotel are medium sized and have been recently decorated. The rooms come with everything you would want from a hotel: satellite TV with English language channels, air-conditioning, small fridge, wardrobe space and adequate lighting.

Twin bedroom at the Truc Hung Hotel
Twin bedroom at the Truc Hung Hotel

The bathrooms are adequate, with a separate shower area which means the floor doesn’t get flooded every time you have a shower. The shower water was moderately warm. The hotel gives complimentary shower gel and disposable tooth brushes.

Bathroom at the Truc Hung Hotel
Bathroom at the Truc Hung Hotel

An added bonus was the balcony. This is particular useful for smokers as smoking is not permitted in the room. You can just about see the ocean, although the building site on the street below is an eyesore.

View from the balcony at the Truc Hung Hotel
View from the balcony at the Truc Hung Hotel

We didn’t hear any noise at night or in the morning which surprised us because the hotel is located on a busy street with the aforementioned building site across the street. We slept well.

Facilities at the Truc Hung Hotel

The Truc Hung Hotel has no facilities other than a lift and a reception area. The street on which the hotel is located has a small convenience store and a coffee shop next door. If you walk around the back of the hotel towards the nearby Cho Dam Market you will find more things on sale, including a very good sandwich vendor.

You should note, however, that shops and restaurants in this area open early and close early. We wanted beer to drink in the room after we came back from a restaurant at 21:00 and everywhere nearby was closed. We asked at the reception for help and fortunately the young man at the desk in the evenings sold us some at a very reasonable price. The hotel keeps some supplies for sale to guests in a room behind the reception, you just need to ask.

Location of the Truc Hung Hotel

Google Map of Truc Hung Hotel

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