Linh Ung Pagoda, Da Nang

The Linh Ung Pagoda is a spectacular Buddhist temple located in a scenic position on the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang.

  • Opening hours: 06:00 to 19:00
  • Entrance fee: Free (including free parking)

About Linh Ung Pagoda

The Son Tra Peninsula is a nature reserve located at the northern end of Da Nang city. There is a 40 km trail that leads all the way around the hilly peninsula mostly along dirt tracks.

Travel to Linh Ung Pagoda

The Linh Ung Pagoda, however, is at the southern end of the peninsula close to the main road connected to the rest of the city by a sealed road. Its not a bus public bus route so you either need your own vehicle to get there or to take a taxi should cost in the region of 150,000 VND from the city centre. Even from the very top end of My Khe Beach it is still a 2 km walk, uphill for the last part, to get there.

Linh Ung Pagoda in located on the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang
Linh Ung Pagoda in located on the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang
History of Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is believed to have been initially established in the 19th Century when a statue of the Lord Buddha drifted onto the sandbank near the temple’s current located and a small shrine was erected there to house the statue. For many years this was place of worship used principally by local fishermen. The construction of a more substantial temple began in 2004.

Things to See at Linh Ung Pagoda

The current incarnation of Ling Ung Pagoda is spread out over 20 hectares and features lots of points of interest, including an impressive array of statues. The most famous feature of this temple, a 67 metre tall statue of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, was completed in 2010. This is the tallest statue of Guan Yin, or Quan Am as she is referred to in Vietnam, in the country. The statue has an internal staircase leading to 17 floors, each containing shrines.

Other points of interest at Ling Ung Pagoda include:

  • An impressive main hall with a Chinese inspired architectural design.
  • 18 statues, known as ‘Arhat statues’, in the courtyard in front of the main hall with each figure representing a different human emotion.
  • 3 large entrance gates that are reminiscent of the gates at the Imperial Citadel in Hue.
  • The fantastic coastal view both from the viewing points within the Guan Yin statue and from the perimeter edges of the temple.

Location of Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is located 11 km by road from Da Nang Railway Station.

Google Map of the Linh Ung Pagoda

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