Hon Khoi Salt Fields, Nha Trang

Hon Khoi Salt Fields is an unusual tourist attraction near Doc Let Beach about one hour drive to the north of Nha Trang city.

  • Opening hours: 04:00 to 09:00
  • Entrance fee: Free

About the Hon Khoi Salt Fields

Hon Khoi Salt Fields is one of the largest production centres for sea salt in Vietnam.

Production is Seasonal

Around 750,000 tonnes of salt are produced between January and June each year. The production is to limited these months because strong sunshine and temperature of up to 40 Degrees Celsius are needed in the production process. So if you are planning to visit you need to visit during these months as at other times of the year there is nothing to see.

Travel to Hon Khoi Salt Fields

To reach the Hon Khoi Salt Fields from Nha Trang you could hire your own car or motorbike and drive yourself there and back, or alternatively hire a taxi which will cost you around 500,000 VND for a one way journey (approximately $22 USD) and more for getting the the driver to wait and take you back. A cheaper option is to travel up the day before on a public bus to Doc Let Beach, the northern end of which is 850 metres walking distance from the Hon Khoi Salt Fields, and stay the night in Doc Let ready for an early start the next morning.

Travel from Nha Trang by Public Bus

Public bus services from Nha Trang to Doc Let Beach depart from Nguyen Thien Thuat Street in centre of Nha Trang’s tourist district. The bus you need is a yellow and blue bus, which is marked with a number 3 on the front of the bus and has a sign above the front window saying “Nha Trang=Ninh Hoa=Doc Let”. The fare is 24,000 VND one way and the journey takes around 90 minutes.

Hon Khoi Salt Fields near Nha Trang
Hon Khoi Salt Fields near Nha Trang
Appearance of the Salt Fields

Hon Khoi Salt Fields are basically large shallow pools dug into the ground near the coast. Sea water is pumped into the pools and left to evaporate in the hot sun for around 10 days leaving behind a residue of salt.

Process of Producing the Salt

The process of collecting the salt is done by hand traditionally by middle aged ladies who wear conical hats, masks, gloves and thick over shirts to protect them from the hot sun. The salt is carefully shovelled from the salt pools in woven baskets which are attached to either end of a bamboo pole. From the pools the salt is transported to larger piles of salt ready for collection.

Taking Photographs

This is very hard work for which the people who do it get paid very little (the equivalent of around $160 per month). There is, however, something very beautiful about the salt fields with the brilliant white of the enormous piles of salt looking similar to snow, and the rhythmic work of the ladies collecting salt from the fields and depositing it from their baskets. Lots of people come here to take photographs as a consequence.

Location of the Hon Khoi Salt Fields

The Hon Khoi Salt Fields are located 50.8 km by road from Nha Trang Railway Station.

Google Map of the Hon Khoi Salt Fields

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