Elisa Floating Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City

Elisa Floating Restaurant is a large, well known, and relatively expensive restaurant on a boat docked in the Sai Gon River in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City.

About the Elisa Floating Restaurant

Elisa Floating Restaurant is what is often described as a ‘tourist trap’, in that what is on offer in terms of the food is of moderate quality for fairly high prices. In this respect it is similar to other popular floating restaurants in Asia such as Jumbo Kingdom in Hong Kong and Karaweik Palace Floating Restaurant in Yangon.

Elisa Floating Restaurant is, nonetheless, very popular with both Vietnamese and foreign tourists for good reason. This is a tourist trap that we recommend visiting if you have the equivalent of around $70 USD per person to spend on dinner. The prices of individual dishes are expensive (165,000 VND to 2,800,000 VND) as are the drinks (30,000 VND for a bottle of water and 65,000 VND for a small bottle of imported beer), and at the end 10% is added to the bill for ‘value added tax’. It is not, however, really the food and drinks that you are paying for when you visit Elisa Floating Restaurant, it’s the experience.

Elisa Floating Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City
Elisa Floating Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Elisa Floating Restaurant is housed within a large purpose build ship with a wooden exterior and three mocks sails on top. The ship is tall, rising above the waterline in three levels with a top deck featuring covered and uncovered dining areas. The height of the ship, along with the location on the river itself, provides excellent views of Ho Chi Minh City from a unique vantage point. Added to this the ship is beautifully illuminated at night adding to the sense of romance for diners.

As well as food, customers at the Elisa Floating Restaurant can also enjoy the live entertainment. Each level has two or more stages upon which the groups of performer rotate. Throughout the evening the entertainment changes from modern music, to traditional Vietnamese music, through to traditional, and also more modern, dance routines. Visitors spend on average two to three hours at the restaurant working their way through several courses, drinks, enjoying the view and several different shows. Overall it’s a good night out, even though the food itself is not that great.


We recommend that you book a table to avoid disappointment, and to pre-order your food as some of the dishes take several hours to prepare properly:

Location of the Elisa Floating Restaurant

From Monday to Thursday every week Elisa Floating restaurant is located at 5 Nguyễn Tất Thành, Phường 12, Quận 4, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam.

Google Map of the Elisa Floating Restaurant from Monday to Friday

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