Cost of living in Vietnam

By comparison with other large South East Asia countries, people in Vietnam are overall relatively poor. In 2017 the average monthly wage in Thailand is estimated to be around $438 USD (13,877 THB) whilst in Vietnam it was approximately half that at $236 USD (5,364,000 VND). If you live like a local in Vietnam you can live very cheaply, however, few foreign visitors to Vietnam would live like a local or indeed be able to buy things as cheaply as a local.

Adding up the cost of living in Vietnam
Adding up the cost of living in Vietnam

If you are planning to rent a flat in a major city or a small house outside a city and live moderately well, but not in luxury, you can expect to your monthly expenses to be in a range from $600 (13,605,442 VND) to $1,200 a month (27,210,884 VND).

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