Front of Xuan Trang Restaurant
Hue Restaurants

Xuan Trang Restaurant, Hue

Xuan Trang Restaurant is a long running restaurant in a popular part of Hue in Vietnam which serves both traditional Vietnamese food as well as international food. If you order the right dishes this is [Read more…]

Front of Quan Hanh restaurant in Hue
Hue Restaurants

Quan Hanh Restaurant, Hue

Quan Hanh is a popular restaurant in the centre of Hue serving local style Vietnamese food. Quan Hanh restaurant is highly recommended as a place to eat classic Vietnamese dishes cooked in the local way [Read more…]

Vietnamese steak and eggs in Saigon
Vietnam Life

Vietnamese steak and eggs

Steak and eggs cooked together in a skillet is popular dish in Vietnam. The Vietnamese call the dish bo ne which means shaken beef, which refers to the shaking of the meat as it cooks [Read more…]

Vietnamese coffee is served thick and strong
Vietnam Life

Coffee in Vietnam

Coffee is a big deal in Vietnam. Vietnamese people drink lots of it and they grow lots of it: Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of coffee and it’s the second most valuable agricultural [Read more…]

Thailand Life
Asia Life

Thailand Life

The importance of the concept of ‘Thainess’, and the difficulties and contradictions in defining that term, are key to understanding Thai culture and as a background to understanding how contemporary Thailand functions. Thailand is a [Read more…]

French cuisine had a big influence on Vietnamese cuisine
Vietnam Culture

French influence on Vietnam

The 400th Anniversary of French involvement in Vietnam is fast approaching; Jesuit Priest and early missionary Alexandre de Rhodes arrived in Vietnam in 1620 setting in motion of course of events that would shape both [Read more…]

Adding up the cost of living in Vietnam
Vietnam Living

Cost of living in Vietnam

By comparison with other large South East Asia countries, people in Vietnam are overall relatively poor. In 2017 the average monthly wage in Thailand is estimated to be around $438 USD (13,877 THB) whilst in [Read more…]

The Vietnamese Government recognises 54 distinct ethnic groups
Vietnam Culture

Ethnic groups in Vietnam

The Vietnamese Government recognises 54 distinct ethnic groups (including the Kinh or Viet who account for around 85% of the population) as living in Vietnam. In order of population size the 54 groups are: Kinh [Read more…]

Leaf cake is a popular dish in Vietnam
Vietnamese Food

Leaf cake

There are many different types of leaf cake (banh la) which are eaten in Vietnam. The Vietnamese leaf cake is similar to the Thai dish Khao Tom Mud and is made with sticky rice and other [Read more…]