Memorial Statue to Vo Van Ky
Nha Trang Activities

23 October Park, Nha Trang

The 23 October Park is small green public space on the opposite side of the road to Nha Trang Railway Station. The 23 October Park is dedicated to the memory of a nearly forgotten chapter [Read more…]

Looking south on Nha Trang Beach
Nha Trang Activities

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach, also sometimes known as Tran Phu Beach, is a 6 km stretch of white sand the northern end of which is in Nha Trang City Centre. Nha Trang Beach is the busiest [Read more…]

Inside the clothing market at Dam Market
Nha Trang Activities

Dam Market, Nha Trang

Dam Market (Cho Dam in Vietnamese) is one of three major markets in Nha Trang. The other two are Xom Moi market, which is a food market in the city centre, and Nha Trang Night Market, [Read more…]

Buddha Statue at Long Son Pagoda
Nha Trang Activities

Long Son Pagoda, Nha Trang

Long Son Pagoda is popular temple with a large statue on a hilltop located near Nha Trang Railway Station. Long Son Pagoda is well worth visiting for an hour or two, particularly if you have [Read more…]

Central tower at Po Nagar
Nha Trang Activities

Po Nagar Temple

Po Nagar temple, known locally as Thap Ba, is an ancient temple of historical significance located in Nha Trang near the city centre. Po Nagar is a temple complex the most prominent parts of which are [Read more…]