Travel from Sapa to Hanoi

There are three ways to travel from Sapa to Hanoi: 1. Take a direct bus (6 hours). 2. Take a minivan direct (5 hours). 3. Take a bus to Lao Cai and then a train to Hanoi (9 to 10 hours).

Bus Times from Sapa to Hanoi

There are currently 20 bus and minivan services a day from Sapa to Hanoi available to book online.

07:0012:30VIP 20$ 22Sapa Express
07:3012:30VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
08:3013:30VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
10:3015:30VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
11:3016:30VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
13:0018:00VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
14:0020:15Sleeper$ 12King Express Bus
14:1519:15VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
14:3019:307 seat van$ 17Sao Viet
14:3020:00VIP-Class$ 19Dream Transport
15:0020:00VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
15:0021:00Bus$ 22Sapa Express
15:0020:30VIP-Class$ 19Dream Transport
16:0021:00VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
16:0022:15Sleeper$ 12King Express Bus
17:3022:30VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
19:0100:01VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
21:0002:00VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
23:5704:57VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet
23:5804:58VIP Cabin$ 15Sao Viet

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Sapa Grouptour Bus Stop

Grouptour bus and minivan services to Hanoi depart from the Grouptour Office on 544-586 Đường Điện Biên Phủ, TT. Sa Pa, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, Vietnam.

Google Map of the Grouptour Sapa Bus Stop

Hanoi Grouptour Bus Stop

Grouptour services from Sapa terminate at the Grouptour office at 16 Hang Chinh Street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Google Map of the Grouptour Hanoi Bus Stop

About Hanoi

Hanoi has two areas which are very popular places with foreign visitors: the Old Quarter and area around the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum on Ba Dinh Square.

Hanoi Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is, as the name suggests, the oldest residential area in Hanoi. There are plenty of colonial era buildings with a French style design alongside much older Vietnamese buildings dating back hundreds of years, such as the Bach Ma Temple. The other famous feature of Hanoi’s Old Quarter is the Hoan Kiem Lake which contains small island with a temple accessible by a red wooden bridge.

Chua Dien Huu Temple in Hanoi
Chua Dien Huu Temple in Hanoi
Ba Dinh Square

There are even more things to see and do near Ba Dinh Square to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. At the top end of the street where the mausoleum is located is Hanoi’s Presidential Palace, which was originally built by the French in 1906 as the Governor’s Residence and later used by Ho Chi Minh as the headquarters of the Government of North Vietnam. At the bottom end of the same street is the One Pillar Pagoda which is one of Hanoi’s oldest buildings dating back to the early 11th Century. The One Pillar Pagoda rises up from the centre of a pond and has a very symbolic importance to Vietnamese people.

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