Thailand Life
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Thailand Life

The importance of the concept of ‘Thainess’, and the difficulties and contradictions in defining that term, are key to understanding Thai culture and as a background to understanding how contemporary Thailand functions. Thailand is a [Read more…]

Riverside shop in Can Tho
Places to visit in Vietnam

Visit Can Tho

Can Tho is a large city with a population of over 1.5 million located on the Mekong Delta around 160 km to the South East of Ho Chi Minh city. Can Tho is a popular [Read more…]

Ho Chi Minh spent 7 weeks living in a cave at Pac Bo
Places to visit in Vietnam

Visit Pac Bo

Pac Bo is a small village 620 km north of Hanoi by road and 3 km away from the border with China in Cao Bang Province. Pac Bo has some fantastic scenery, however, the reason [Read more…]

Central tower at Po Nagar
Nha Trang Activities

Po Nagar Temple

Po Nagar temple, known locally as Thap Ba, is an ancient temple of historical significance located in Nha Trang near the city centre. Po Nagar is a temple complex the most prominent parts of which are [Read more…]

Tea plantation in Moc Chau
Moc Chau Activities

Visit a Tea Plantation

By road, Moc Chau district is 190 km to the West of Hanoi. One of the things Moc Chau is well known for, and the main reason why Vietnamese tourists come here, is its picturesque [Read more…]

Red Shanked Douc on the Son Tra Peninsula
Da Nang Activities

Son Tra Peninsula

The Son Tra Peninsula is a protected area located 12 km to the north of Da Nang train station. The Peninsula has a mountain, pristine forest, beaches, a huge statue of Lady Buddha protecting the [Read more…]

Pagoda of the Celestial Lady in Hue
Hue Activities

Pagoda of the Celestial Lady

The Pagoda of the Celestial Lady in Hue is for Vietnamese people one of the most important buildings in the country. This 7 storey pagoda on the banks of the Perfume River, within the grounds [Read more…]

French cuisine had a big influence on Vietnamese cuisine
Vietnam Culture

French influence on Vietnam

The 400th Anniversary of French involvement in Vietnam is fast approaching; Jesuit Priest and early missionary¬†Alexandre de Rhodes arrived in Vietnam in 1620 setting in motion of course of events that would shape both Vietnam [Read more…]

Adding up the cost of living in Vietnam
Vietnam Living

Cost of living in Vietnam

By comparison with other large South East Asia countries, people in Vietnam are overall relatively poor. In 2017 the average monthly wage in Thailand is estimated to be around $438 USD (13,877 THB) whilst in [Read more…]

The Vietnamese Government recognises 54 distinct ethnic groups
Vietnam Culture

Ethnic groups in Vietnam

The Vietnamese Government recognises 54 distinct ethnic groups (including the Kinh or Viet who account for around 85% of the population) as living in Vietnam. In order of population size the 54 groups are: Kinh [Read more…]